Pipeline Productions
12219 Dix Road Southgate Mi 48195
Owner of Penelope's Venue and Vintage of southgate MI
Pipeline Productions is now the parent company of Penelope's Vintage and Venue we have been working hard to establish a local connection with the Dertoit downriver community. We not only want to work with the arts but help in any way possible to better the world around us.

Penelope's Vintage is set up to give a chance for artists to sell their work as well as to help fund any community projects that Penelope Venue is engaged in,basically to keep the heat and lights on while we are helping others. We do in store and online sales and are looking for donations to keep our community help projects thriving.

Penelope's Venue is a place that if you put your time in to your passion we will help you reach your goal. Not saying that we will do the work for you but we will help you with guidance and ideas. We want you to take charge and realize your dream through compassion and understanding.

Here is the deal you respect us and we will do the same to you. We will offer you our help so your dream can thrive and provide the location to do it. If you hold a for profit event we get half the door and all the concession. All our other services will available to at a greatly reduce price, with that money going back it to our endeavor of helping others.

We will also help all charity events happen for free. We will however provide the concession and use that money to keep things running at the venue.

We also are willing to teach others a skill if you don't have an event in mind we would be happy to do an intern project with you. If you can't do that and would like to stop by and learn something come on in we would be happy to teach you a viable skill for example; lighting, stage management, marketing and advertising. The sky is the limit.

If helping others is your passion and part of your journey in life we welcome you with open arms. To us helping others is the one true meaning in life. - God Bless